AI & Big data Conference for Data Engineers (ABCDE) Online Exclusive 


On the 18th of July 2020, UNLOCK ASIA’s sister company, UNLOCK DESIGN will be organizing a virtual conference called AI & Big data Conference for Data Engineers (ABCDE) Online Exclusive. 

Due to the pandemic that is taking place all over the world currently, UNLOCK DESIGN will still be organizing ABCDE  to accommodate those who are still interested in the conference. 

Here’s a brief background of UNLOCK DESIGN, UNLOCK DESIGN, a company that specializes in organizing tech events in Malaysia and around South East Asia. UNLOCK DESIGN are a Japanese company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Japan. UNLOCK DESIGN is a company that provides the growth platform and learning experience for talents by organizing a range of tech events, especially focusing on hackathon and conference to unlock their untapped potential. 

UNLOCK DESIGN plan on bringing a whole new digital experience of tech event called AI & Big data Conference for Data Engineers (ABCDE) Online Exclusive. This will be a fully virtual event and no physical presence needed. This event focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data technology by creating ideas using AI and Big Data technology to accelerate the tech industries faster and solving real-world business issues with big data analysis. We believe our ABCDE India Virtual Conference will immerse our participants in dynamic virtual experiences that bring critical topics to life and captivate the audience.


Interested to join this exciting event, don’t forget to sign up here Hope to see you all there!