frequently asked question (f.a.q)

1. How to know the details of the company that I applied to?

We will send you the details of the company once we received your details by submitting this form https://goo.gl/forms/hOcOqJYQA6AjIA7V2. Please note that you will only be receiving the details if your information matches with the skills required by the participating companies.

2. How does this Unlock Asia works?

Details that you have submitted from the form will be reviewed by our participating companies. These participating companies will select their preferred candidates based on qualification and skill they wanted. Selected candidates will be contacted further via e-mail.  

3. Where can I learn more details about unlockasia.com?

For further details, send us your inquiry to hello@unlockasia.jp

4. What are the procedures for Malaysians to work in Japan.

Malaysians who are planning to work in Japan has to apply for Japan Working Visa. Further information about visa could be find here.

5. Do I need to learn Japanese Language?

Japanese Language skill is not a requirement for employment. However, being able to communicate in Japanese Language or owning a JLPT/other certificate of Japanese Language is an advantage.

6. Does this opportunity is only open for IT Graduates?

This opportunity is open for all students/working adults of all study. Just fill in your details and we will match you with participating company.

7. Do you open for internship?

Internship positions are open but students are required to work full-time at the company after internship period ended.

8. I am an undergraduate but I am interested to fill in my details. Will the opportunity still available after I  graduate?

This employment is open all year long and there are more opportunities to come.

9. Will you provide Japanese Language lessons or fundamental training to selected candidates?

As for now, we are not providing any fundamental training or Japanese Language lessons as the medium language is English.

10. How to know if I am selected?

We will send you a notification email if you are selected.

11. Will there any interviews held if I am selected? If does, do I need to fly to Japan or the interview will be held locally in Malaysia?

There will be an interview session by the participating company with the selected candidates. Please refer to the interview page here for further details.

12. Where will my information be shared with?

All of your information will only be shared with participating companies in Japan. All personal data submitted is protected under Data Protection Act 2010 and will not be disclosed or misused to other non-participating parties with Unlock Asia.


For safety, please read and fill in the information carefully to avoid disclosing personal information by mistake. Unlock Asia will only request for further personal information via email, sent from hello@unlockasia.com. If you receive any emails requesting for your personal information from email address other than hello@unlockasia.com, please refrain from replying and let us know immediately.